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The Strand: March 2015

Posted on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

The Strand: March 2015

In this months blog our stylist Jade will be taking a look at how to create 'The Sweep Back' look at home. 





My step by step to create the "The Sweep back" at home.

Step 1.  Shampoo hair with Sebastian Voulpt twice and condition mid lengths and ends only.


Step 2. Comb hair through and spray Sebastian Voulpt Spray evenly throughout your hair and rough dry in.


Step 3. Dry hair back using a paddle brush making sure you hair is smooth around your hairline.


Step 4. Once your hair is dry spray in Sebastian Drynamic directly into the root area, Then section your hair from the top of your left ear to the top of your right ear.


Step 5. Using a backcombing brush take small sections starting from the crown working forward towards your hairline, starting at the tip of your first section push your brush down towards your root. Top Tip: Make sure you spray every section of your backcombing with Sebastian Zero Gravity for hold.


Step 6. Using a soft bristle brush smooth everything back using a Kirby grips secure your sides into place. Remove just before leaving and spray with Hairspray.

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