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The Strand: March 2016

Posted on Tuesday, 15 March 2016.

The Strand: March 2016

This month our manager Danielle reviews the new System Professional hair care range.

The new system professional

Hi I am Danielle the manager at The Strand. Last week we had training on the new hair care range ‘system professional’. I’ve been hairdressing for nearly 15 years so I’ve spent many training sessions learning about new products and how they would suit our clients. What happened this training session I was not expecting!

I sat down with the rest of my team expecting to hear about some new shampoos and conditioners that do magical and unbelievable things to your hair. I could not have been more wrong! Wella have completely reinvented the system professional range. They have taken it back to the real needs of the clients. No confusing scientific wording, no flashy packaging, just a bespoke hair care system that can make your hair look and feel like virgin hair.

As you can imagine this is a bold statement. Virgin hair! Wow! I have recently had problems with my own hair especially the condition so this was something that really got my curiosity going. What more could a person want from their hair? We all remember the days before we coloured, straightened or curled our hair before heated rollers, all this takes its toll on the hair. So I find myself sitting there contemplating how I can regularly lighten my hair for the perfect copper to rose gold ombre (I thank Danielle for achieving this on my dark brown natural hair) straightening it one day and curling it the next depending on what fashion statement I want to achieve that day and still have hair that felt like it did when I was 12. To be honest I was apprehensive about whether or not I believed this

After a 3-hour training session I found the secret and it is so simple. System professional has designed a hair care range that replaces all the fundamental needs of your hair to create the look and feel of virgin hair. All the products contain 4 very important ingredients

1 natural lipids – reinforces the cell cement and structural integrity

2 histidine – replenishes the keratin and fights free radicals

3 caffeine - balances moisture in the scalp

4 vitamins - keeps scalp energised

Everyone has different wants and needs for their hair, in order for you to benefit from these products it need to be very bespoke. The way they do this is creating an energy code for each individual client. This code will tell you exactly what you need to do, from how often you wash your hair to what salon treatments are best for you. It takes 5 minutes and a few taps on our kindles and you have it.

After being fed full of the knowledge it came time to use the products. All I can say is I was completely blown away by the results. In all the time I have been hairdressing I have never seen such instant effects in a product. The difference was incredible not only did the hair look and feel amazing styling the hair was so much easier. Please let us at The Strand show you these products and energy code you. As a hairdresser the pressure of retail sales is always upon us and we never want to sell anything we don’t believe works, however, with this range I feel that we would be doing our clients a great disservice by not letting them in on the secret to fantastic hair at home.

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