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The Strand: December 2016

Posted on Tuesday, 01 December 2015.

The Strand: December 2016

This month Tina tells us how to recreate J-Los' look at the American Music Awards.

So we all saw how amazing J-Lo looked at the American music awards. Not only did she dance for 7 minutes to open it, she also had a whopping eleven outfit  & hair changes.

Although we all wish we could be that energetic, lets be honest, who has the time (or the personal stylist, hair stylist, make up artist, nail technician….) to have so many glamorous looks in one night?

So with Christmas fast approaching, and the want to look that little extra special for all the parties, why not follow our little guide from a day to night look that will take minutes to do & make you feel super glam.


Day Look

1. Prep your hair the night before, or that morning. Use Wella Body Crafter or Sugar Lift. Apply to wet hair and blow dry in for a voloumous messy look.

2. Back comb slightly at the crown and pull two sections from the side and secure in the middle with Kirby grips, leaving the bottom half of your hair down

3. Apply your usual day look of make up, keeping it simple but elegant.


Night look

1. Use Sebastian Drynamics dry shampoo in your fringe to add volume, brush and tease out slightly

2. Take your hair out of the grips brush out, scoop up to make a messy top bun. Secure with Hairband, leaving a section out to the wrap around the bun. Secure with Kirby grips.

3.  Add a black pencil eyeliner to your lower lids and water line, smudge with a brush or finger

4.  Add a touch of glitter eye shadow to the inner corners of both eyes.

5.  To finish the look, line and fill in you lips with red lip liner, add a coat of red lipstick, blot with tissue and add another coat.


Top tip: Pick a blue – based red lip stick as it will suit all skin tones.

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