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Waxing, the Do's and Dont's!!!

Posted on Thursday, 07 September 2017.

Waxing, the Do's and Dont's!!!

Waxing, the do's and dont's!

Waxing is a great method of hair removal that lasts much longer than shaving, but it is important to follow proper waxing etiquette when 

Proper Waxing Etiquette

Be Clean: Always take the time to shower or freshen up before your waxing appointment, no matter what body area you are having treated. 

If you have scheduled intimate waxing, be sure to wear appropriate undergarments. Your best underwear may look fantastic, but it isn't really suitable for waxing appointments. 

For an underarm wax, it may be necessary to avoid antiperspirant or deodorant to help the wax adhere more easily, but keep yourself fresh just before your appointment, although we always provide intimate waxing wipes if this isn't possible. 

Be Honest: Always be honest when scheduling your appointment and speaking with your therapist. Be sure to note whether or not you've had waxing treatments before, how long ago your last waxing treatment was or when you last shaved, and what type of look you hope to achieve. Hair should be 1/4-1/2 inch long for the best results when waxing. 

Prices : 

1/2 leg £19.00
3/4 leg £25.00
Full leg £30.00
Full leg and bikini £37.00
Forearm £10.00
Bikini line £10.00
Brazilian £36.00
Hollywood £40.00
Eyebrow wax & shape £12.00
Lip / chin £8.00
Lip & chin £10.00
Underarm £10.00
Back / chest £22.00


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